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Eucharistic Ministers


The Eucharistic Ministry was started in our parish on 28th June 1987. Today there are 25 Eucharistic Ministers (EMs) who are actively involved in the distribution of Holy Communion during the daily and Sunday Eucharistic celebrations in the church.  They also help out at the open-air Christmas and Holy Week celebrations.

They carry the Eucharist to approx. 66 homebound parishioners on Sundays, First Fridays and Maundy Thursday. This gives them an opportunity to give these persons a listening ear and also bring some cheer to them, besides strengthening them with Holy Communion.  Even patients at the Prince Aly Khan Hospital and J.J. Hospital (when required) are administered Holy Communion by one of the EMs.

Every year on a Saturday nearest to 11th February – the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the EMs organize a special healing Eucharist for the sick and homebound, at which all present are given a special blessing.  The sick and homebound from all corners of the parish and beyond are accompanied to attend this Eucharistic celebration. This is usually followed by tea and biscuits.  The homebound really look forward to this so that they can meet everyone, at least once a year.

On Maundy Thursday, the EMs conduct a Holy Hour in the church from 10 PM to 11 PM, spending time with Jesus in prayer.  This is attended by many parishioners.

The EMs meet on the last Sunday of every month at 4 PM to spend a half-hour of prayer collectively with Jesus in the Adoration Chapel.  Every month this is conducted by a different EM.

Once in three months, on a Sunday after the half-hour adoration, they meet with their Spiritual Director.

Every individual representing an EM feels very privileged to be so close to Jesus and feel blessed with this unique opportunity to become better and more caring human beings.

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