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 A grandparent is one who strengthens you with prayer, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope

Grandparents love is strong & deep filled with memories to cherish & keep.

"We Love you Nana & Papa"

 with Love the grandchildren of The Good Shepherd Community

Grandparents Day.png

We sometimes wish you were still small
Not yet so big and strong and tall
For when we think of yesterday
We close our eyes and see you play

We often miss those little boys
Who pestered us to buy them LEGO toys
Who filled our days with pure delight
From early morn to late at night

We watch our grandkids change and grow
As seasons come then quickly go
But our God has a perfect plan
To shape a boy into a man

Today our grandsons We are proud of you
For all the thoughtful things you do
We love you till our days are done
And We are so grateful you're are our sweet grandsons
Lots of love
Nana and Grand papa
Grace and Darryl

Grandparents Day (1).png

The D'souzas one in flesh and in Spirit. 

Rev Fr. Shavito Correa blessing the celebration

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