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  • Mignnone Crasto

An inter-faith fellowship at Rukkalbai Palace

The residents of Rukkalbai Palace residing on the 2nd floor gathered together as one big community to celebrate an inter-faith fellowship on the 10th, January 2021.

It was a beautiful experience as all prayed and recited the Rosary with a few reflections and spontaneous prayers from all.

After the prayers came the fun n frolic of music , dancing and games where everyone irrespective of their age grooved to the music and brought out their inner childness in the crazy games, to compete and have fun mixed with laughter and joy. The Housie game was a totally different one that though all sat quietly and relaxed were anxiously yearning for the fantastic prizes.

The culmination was the delicious Biryani followed by Gajar ka halwa which was prepared as a surprise by a family for all.

Our Parish Vision Mission statement “ an active dynamic inclusive parish community reaching out beyond borders”

These are all our small steps keeping in mind our Vision of inclusiveness and togetherness thereby bringing about a feeling of oneness.

By our love yes they’ll know we are Christians .

By Schuyler Desa

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