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Cyril Dias - 100 Years

The 28th day in the month of Jan, marked a big milestone, for a very special man. The sheer happiness of love unfold As our dear Papa, turned a hundred years old Someone so humble, and kind at heart, A loving father right from the start. With his favourite cap and glasses, you'd find him on the move, Often on his bicycle, he'd pick me up from school. His art work was meticulous, floral designs and lettering too, These beautiful treasured pieces will remain a pleasure to look through. He has always been known for his love for sweets, And if pork wasn't served, then it just wasn't a feast. He was a loving husband, and is a nurturing father, Blest with 4 grandchildren and a great granddaughter And after all these years, though his looks may have changed, His kind gentle heart, remains the same. So on this special day, we gathered around. To shower him' with love and that knew no bounds. Family together, though some were far, All to celebrate, our dear PAPA. And although he is now unable to see, He felt the love , and smiled with glee And then as we toasted to his century, He said, " Cheers to you all, and good health to me!"

-- Neilette Barboza

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