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Earth Day

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

With Earth Day approaching on 22 April 2021. This year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, which focuses not only on the need to reduce our impact on the planet as we recover from the effects of Covid -19, but as how we can play a role in repairing the damage we’ve done.

The lockdown has really knocked and shocked us as to how nature has changed during these times and made us think and reflect if we are going down the right path. By being forced not to go outdoors, we got to see birds and animals on the roads, less pollution as less vehicles on the road pure atmosphere.

There are small things we can do in our everyday life like making conscious choices to help our environment.

1. Most of us must already be carrying our cloth bags while going to the vegetable and fruit market but the seller tries to please you by giving you a plastic bag and we happily accept it rather than saying NO

If we have a lot of small plastic bags at home one way of disposing it would be put all of them in an empty plastic bottle this way the plastics when thrown away are in one place as many a times, we plastic bags flying on the road. They call it eco bricks, where using these bottles they can build benches, walls, sofas etc.

2. Choosing brands which have less packaging and also supporting the local vendor.

3. Again while shopping for clothes choosing our brands and also the after use in terms of recycling or trading it with someone who would need it.

4. Educating our children training them while young e.g. Many children love eating chips so if they could reduce consumption from multi layered packaging. Also switching off lights and fans when not in use. The children in school are made to draw or make charts with environmental issues but they should be taught the same practically.

5. Recycling your newspaper to make a garbage bag instead of using a plastic one.

6. If people have plants you can make your own compost from your vegetable waste.

7.Thanks to the lockdown many were cooking food at home that eliminated all the plastic containers and plastic cutlery coming home. When ordering online say no to tissue/cutlery.

8.Make notepads from used papers and envelopes

9.Buy products made from recycled material.

10.Carry your own steel /bamboo straw instead of plastic ones

Overall, there would be so many other ways to change and better our environment but it is up to each and every one of us to do our little bit.

- Helga Paes

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