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Senior Parishioners Club

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The Senior Parishioners Club was born on 19th March, 1999 with the blessings of the Parish Priest, Fr. Joe D’Abreo s.j., who appointed Fr. J Aran s.j. as our chaplin. The club started with 10 members and today have 250 members from St. Anne’s Parish as well as the neighbouring parishes. With St. Joseph as their Patron, their objective is to foster a spirit of fellowship among seniors and reach out to the helpless when they are ill, distressed or lonely. Also to channelize talents and experience to assist in  the church activities.

Every month they organize events such as talks on health, pilgrimages, reflections, picnics, talent constest and indoor sports, Independence/Republic Day gatherings, whilst drive, housie etc.

Recently the Bombay Archdioces Senior Citizens Assoc (BASCA) was formed by the Cardinal with the aim of establishing a senior citizen association in every parish realizing the huge potential of seniors role in church and social activities. Mr. Colin D’Souza was elected as the first president of BASCA.

He presided over BASCA from 2009 to 2015 helping to formulate its Constitution along with Melwyn Sequeira and Fr. Aniceto Pereira with moderation done by Bishop Bosco Penha .

At the Parish level Mr. Colin Dsouza founded The Senior Parishioners Club in March 1999 and presided over it for 17 yrs stepping down in 2016 and handing over the reins of President to Mrs Eveline Rego who was the SPC Secretary for 12 yrs along with Sandra Khan as Vice-president, Judy Dsouza  as Secretary and Mercy Fernandes as Treasurer .More Power to the all WOMENS TEAM ! They urged Mr. Colin Dsouza to continue guiding them and made him a “Consultant” in an executive post. Along with 13 other members they are committed for 3 yrs from 2016 to 2019 to serve the Seniors.The Parish Priest, Fr. Tony.V. Dsouza appointed Fr. Gerald Rodricks to be the new chaplain of SPC thus completing the team.

The S.P.C. group has  so far successfully catered to the needs of the active Senior Citizens but have no

w decided to reach out to the sick homebound Senior Citizens of the Parish. Regular visits to their homes to cheer them up and help them is a project to be taken up as priority under the guidance of their chaplain and the blessings of the Parish Priest. In December 2016 a survey will be taken identifying the sick homebound Senior Citizens and the house visits will begin in January 2017. All parishioners both young and old are invited to join in this project in this Year of Mercy to reach out to these suffering Goldies of God.

Connect Persons : Eveline Rego and Colin Dsouza

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