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Sunday School

Sunday School has always been an integral part of St. Anne’s Parish. Regardless of the migration of many Catholics from Mazagaon over the years, this slightly informal gathering of about 70 children can speak of good attendance, giving credit to the parents and children who make it their priority on a Sunday.

Children’s mass on Sundays is held in the Residence Hall at 8.30 a.m., Each class takes up the responsibility of the liturgical readings, in order of their classes, beginning  with class V upto class X, including the Confirmandis who also attend this Sunday service. The children actively participate in the mass with the hymns and prayers projected on the screen behind the altar.

Sunday school follows directly after the mass, held in the classrooms of the St. Mary’s ISC School. There are six classes in all, starting from the youngest 6-7 years olds (or Std. I &II)  to Std. X. There are two teachers attending to each class and, for the most part, the academic year follows the same calendar as the secular schools.

Fr. Vincent Vaz S.J heads the Sunday School team of teachers and Fr. Augustine Silveira S.J. maintains records of attendance. The Co-ordinator and Teachers plan the syllabus and various activities to make faith formation for children interesting in creative ways. 

Outings and outreach programmes are conducted for children throughout the year. Children are also trained to perform at the various parish events.

During the year, the children of class IV are prepared to receive their First Holy Communion which takes place in January. They also receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation just before their big day. 

With all this, its no wonder that anyone who moves out of Mazagaon can never forget their roots in this parish. May St. Anne’s grow from strength to strength and may her children be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

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